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Slug gun hunters know the devastating combination of accuracy and knockdown power afforded by Lightfield’s proven Hybred line of shotgun hunting slugs. Lightfield offers discriminating slug gun hunters a new PRO 12-gauge round that combines the proven IDS design with a lighter, faster, 465-grain pure lead slug that shoots flatter than a Kansas parking lot.

Like all Lightfield slugs, the new Lightfield Bucks, Boars & Bears (LBBB-12) 2-3/4” 12-gauge slug is designed to chamber to any barrel, ensuring consistent performance in both rifled and smooth bore shotguns.  The speedy LBBB-12 leaves the muzzle at an impressive 1,600 fps with a massive 2,643 ft-lbs of energy, before delivering a staggering 1,094 ft-lbs into its target at 125 yards with a mere ¾” of drop.

“The Bucks, Boars & Bears is the most devastating and accurate shotgun round available for hog hunters,” says Brian Smith, Lightfield’s Director of Marketing and avid pig shooter. “We took the proven, award-winning accuracy and performance of Lightfield’s IDS line of heavy-game ammunition, reduced the weight of the slug slightly and ended up with an ultra-flat-shooting, hard-hitting round that will have hunters makin’ bacon at 175+ yards.”

Bear hunters, too, will quickly come to appreciate the merits of the new Lightfield LBBB-12.  Its impact-discarding sabot design helps control the expansion of the slug upon impact, boring through hide, tough tissue and bone to penetrate deeply where full expansion then occurs.



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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to