Brenneke Slug 16 Gauge 2.50" Slug 5 Per Box


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If you are lucky enough to own a classic 16 with a 2" chamber, but have given up hope of finding a quality slug for it, Brenneke has come to the rescue. Our Brenneke 16 is loaded with the Brenneke Classic slug, the original Brenneke design proven for decades. It shoots beautifully from rifled or smoothbore barrels, with fine accuracy and plenty of power. It includes our H-type disk, which improves accuracy up to 50%. Now there is no reason to leave your prized 16 at home. It will add venison to your freezer, and a whole lot of pleasure to your shooting.

Brand Brenneke
Category Shotshell Slug Loads
Model Brenneke 16
Series Slug
Gauge 16 Gauge
Shot Size Slug
Rounds Per Box 5
Length 2.50"
Application Hunting


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